Strange, Stranger (OV)

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Titel:Strange, Stranger (OV)
(USA 2012)
Regie:Daryush Shokof
Darsteller:Afshin Akhavan, Audibert Karlstedt, Suzanne Audibert
Spielzeit:95 Minuten
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jill opana
Rating: 5 / 5
wrote on 29.08.2014 17:21
absolutely amazing.the director daryush shokof delivers both atmospheric and surreal elements in his films at the top again with this film.
the Music is great.
the actors are first time Players delivering better than most Long time professionals
cinematography is excellent
edit is done well to serve the atmosphere and finally the Story remains just as strange as the film itself
an eye opener for anyone who loves different Trends of films.not for rambo viewers
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